World Custom Trimming has become well known through word of mouth in the local car community, from both national and local car magazines and because of our excellent service, quality and workmanship. Our work has been shown proudly by our customers in many shows and exhibitions since 1997.

Excellence in workmanship


Creative Ideas


Unique Designs

Quality materials

World Custom Trimming have experience in providing quality service in restoration restyling Australian, U.S., European motor vehicles of all vintages and types, from street machine to cruiser to a modern day sedan.
Upholstery repair & restoration

All models of cars, motorbikes and trucks
Custom trims and Original Restoration
Interior seats
Doors trims
Roof Linings
Dashboards & consoles
Hot Rod
Soft Top
Restoring your Australian, US Muscle Cars, European Classics & Imported Vintages to their former beauty

We recommend the use of Dynamat in all own custom trims. Dynamat is the highest efficiency sound deadening material available and more effective at stopping noise, heat and vibration than any other product.