World Upholstery Service recommends and stocks the following high quality upholstery materials

Dunlop Enduro is a range of premier quality foams. It keeps your mattress or furniture looking better and feeling more comfortable for much longer, making it better value for money. Enduro has an exceptional ability to bounce back, even after constant use. Inner qualities of Enduro include:
Supershield protective treatment is designed to give a durable and invisible protective shield against most common oil and water spills. The protection prevents the fibre absorbing the spills, plus ensures that soiling marks are more easily removed.
Supershield products are guaranteed defect free and when correctly applied, will not change the colour or feel of the treated item.
Supershield is a defense barrier, not armour plating. It will slow down the absorption of staining liquids or grease, but the spill does need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Depending on the closeness of the weave of the textile, water and some spills may penetrate through. With a wide weave fabric, no fabric protector can prevent liquid penetrating through weave. However, Supershield protection impregnates the treated fibres and assists in preventing liquid and soil absorption. Our leather treatment provides a durable topcoat of protection.
Supershield produce a range of after care products to help maintain the new look appearance of your furnishings.

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I was really happy with World Upholstery. They provided excellent customer service. The install was completed on time wiht a high degree of professionalism and workmanship. Highly recommend.
Devon Franks
Mount Pleasant